Reviews by Jason Purdy


Test-HTML-Content (0.08) ****

Love it - the docs aren't clear that regex's can be used elsewhere, but I love this module. Great work!

JSON (1.05) ****

I first stumbled on this module from a CPAN search for json and it fit my needs at the moment and it may fit yours, but with more experience, I've moved to JSON::Syck. My usage doesn't need anything other than parsing or exporting JSON data, so a lot of what JSON offers is irrelevant. More importantly and objectively, JSON::Syck is faster (over 370% on my box!!).

CGI-Application (4.05) *****

I haven't worked with many web frameworks and actually, CGI::App is my first, but I just haven't had the need to move to anything else. This framework gives me a LOT of control and there are scores of Plugins that provide further functionality when & if I need them. Great mailing list, great people and great IRC channel (#cgiapp on I've coded a ton of web apps with cgiapp for QSR Magazine & Fine Books Magazine as well as some internal stuff. You can also do the fancy AJAX stuff with cgiapp, too ... it really is awesome stuff and I love it to pieces! :)

HTML-Template (2.8) *****

Awesome module. Very powerful, good & solid code and interface and I especially love how CGI::Application uses it and it's my safety sandbox from tainting my template code with business logic code.

CGI-Prototype (0.90) **

Seems redundant to CGI::Application and the other CGI frameworks out there.

CGI-Application-Plugin-ValidateRM (1.20) *****

This is an AWESOME module, merging in Data::FormValidator's power with cgiapp's runmodes, templates and HTML::FillInForm to give the programmer an extremely easy way to enforce valid user input and at the same time, give the user a user-friendly method for correcting their errors.

I cannot recommend this module any higher!