Reviews by Flavio Poletti


Pod-Markdown (2.002) *****

I'm using it for generating the for GitHub, and I find the pod2markdown script perfect for the job. Haven't used any fancy POD option, but the results seem pretty convincing so far.

Term-ProgressBar (2.09) *****

A very nice module to quickly add a progress feedback to your terminal-based applications. You can set it up in two-three lines of code and have a nicely formatted progress bar to ensure the users of your program that it's not stuck somewhere but it's actually doing something and advancing in some way.

The documentation is quite complete and has a lot of hints about how doing different things. I particularly like the suggestions to make the module more efficient avoiding many calls in certain situations.

Term-ShellUI (0.86) *****

I simply loved it. I have an application to interact with Amazon S3, and it is basically a front-end for a lot of subcommands, like this:

s3 list
s3 delete <something>
s3 get <something>

With Term::ShellUI and some minor code refactoring I was able to add an "--interactive" mode which gives the user a shell to work with. In some 10-20 minutes.

It would be a dream if it was possible to extract the documentation for the subcommands directly from the POD part... but this is probably something that can be done without bothering the module's author, so 5 stars are fully deserved.

Acme-EyeDrops (1.53) *****

One of the most useful Acme modules ever! Simply fantastic to show off without losing more than 5 seconds, a real masterpiece of meta-art. I'd suggest to install the script that comes with the distribution, just to make things a little easier (as if it were needed).

Net-SSH-Perl (1.30) *****

It does what it claims without putting itself in the way. The optional modules for heavy math are really needed, otherwise the module is virtually unuseable, but this is not really a weakness of the module itself.

IO-Prompt (v0.99.4) ***

Unluckly, this module seems stuck to the interim release state, and the near future for a better documentation seems to be the same as Perl 6 ;)

It's a real PITA to have to come back here in CPAN, look for the examples directory and work out how to use this module, which is quite useful once you remember how to use it.

I hope to be able to revise this review "in the near future" :)

DBD-Pg (1.49) ****

Good database driver, even if I would like automatic handling of binary data, which is a real PITA obliging to explicitly define it. Why cannot they be managed automatically like other drivers do (e.g. MySQL)?