Reviews by Paul Fenwick


WWW-Facebook-API (0.4.16) *****

My use of the module has been almost entirely restricted to running FQL queries, and it's been fantastic. Thank-you!

Net-Pcap (0.16) *****

Net::Pcap is brilliant. As someone who regularly uses wireshark and other tools to inspect and debug networking problems, it's joyous to write something in Perl to do this for me automatically. I regularly use Net::Pcap to watch traffic flows on my machines and monitor them for interesting conditions and data.

Alien-wxWidgets (0.37) *****

One of the signs of a great module is that I don't have to even read the documentation to have it do what I want. That's exactly the case with Alien::wxWidgets. I unpacked it, built it, used the defaults, and now I have wxWidgets installed on ActiveState Perl 5.10 on Windows. Perfect!

Module-Install (0.75) *****

I love Module::Install. I can develop code with a sensible build system that gets packaged up right alongside my module. I don't need to worry about what happens if the end-user has an old version of the build system, since I can control exactly which one gets used.

If I find bugs in Module::Install that cause my killer robots to unpack correctly and think they're chickens, then I can create bugfixes and ship them with my modules immediately. There's no awkward waiting for those bugfixes to be integrated into the upstream Module::Install releases (although they get integrated pretty quickly).

The end result is both myself and my users can spend less time with build tool headaches and malfunctioning minions, and more time building an army of killer robots to take over the world. Thanks Module::Install!

Captcha-reCAPTCHA (0.92) *****

Works out of the box, minimal dependencies, beautifully documented, with an easy to use API. I went from nothing to having fully working reCAPTCHA support on my site in less than 30 minutes, which included registering on the reCAPTCHA site and using dh-make-perl to build the module into a .deb fiile.

I wish all modules were this good.

PAR-Packer (0.980) *****

PAR::Packer, and 'pp' in particular, are nothing short of brilliance. In the course of a lunch-break, I was able to go from having a tangle of code that relied upon so many exotic dependencies that it was impossible to install on another machine, to having a beautiful, single .exe that could be dropped onto a bare Windows desktop and double-clicked.

If you've been suffering from dependency headaches when deploying your code, then 'pp' can provide swift and effective relief. It's better than chocolate.

BSD-Resource (1.2901) *****

BSD::Resource allowed me to go from nothing to being able to trap core dumps in a matter of a few minutes. With no external dependencies, installing BSD::Resource is a breeze, and only a quick skim of the documentation was needed to determine how to increase the resource limits I was after.

Thanks Jarrko. Two thumbs up.

Win32-Process (0.12) ****

While the documentation is a little brief, and the Create() call not returning the process object has thrown me a few times, Win32::Process provides a simple and straightforward way of starting a process under Windows.

Given that it comes bundled with the widely distributed ActiveState Perl, this makes Win32::Process an excellent choice for process manipulation which I regularly use in my own work.

XML-Atom-SimpleFeed (0.8) *****

Using XML::Atom::SimpleFeed I was able to add an Atom view of Perl Training Australia's "Perl Tips" in just a page of code, most of which was business logic to locate and extract appropriate tips.

Two thumbs up!