Reviews by Pedro Figueiredo


CPAN-Mini-Webserver (0.41) *****

this is brilliant, don't leave home without it.

and even if you stay in, it's lightning fast, does syntax highlighting and you get lan speed (ok, not leon's doing, probably).

imo, right up there with ack and svk.

POE-Component-Client-LDAP (0.04) ***

it actually works quite well (without accounting for possible errors, but this is stated in the docs). i think the perldoc could be much clearer, it really makes things look harder than they are.

File-Find-Rule (0.30) ****

file::find done right!

Net-Libdnet (0.01) ***

it doesn't do everything yet (hence the 3 ratings), but what it does, it does like advertised, and is dead easy to use.

Net-ARP (0.5) *

it simply doesn't work (mac os x tiger).

IP-Country (2.17) *****

IP::Country::Fast is, well, fast; and it does what it says pretty damn well. Forget about Whois and DNS, this is the way.