Reviews by Chris Prather


CGI-Wiki (0.63)

To clarify for an earlier reviwer. This module was renamed about two years ago to Wiki::Toolkit which *is* very much still maintained. Please do some research before you make a public comment.

Update: In fact the Module documentation itself points out the rename to Wiki::Toolkit with the following

"This module has now been renamed Wiki::Toolkit and no further development will take place under the CGI::Wiki name. Please upgrade at your earliest convenience."

Proc-Exists (0.90) ***

For completeness I rate this module a 3 in all categories because of the previous two ratings.

MooseX-AttributeHelpers (0.12) *****

The documentation is a bit strange, the functions are documented in the Method Provider classes, but this is the single most useful MooseX package I think we have. It makes writing a quick and dirty API around a HashRef or ArrayRef incredibly simple and straight forward. This complements Moose::Autobox by being rather exactly the inverse principle (making an API for others to consume vs Autobox's make an API for you to consume).

All in all *highly* reccomended.

Nothing-Tiny (1) ***

Excellent documentation (it does exactly what it claims) and responsive author (he accepted a patch I submitted via IRC, hopefully we'll see a 0.02 release soon!). But I don't quite understand the postmodern angst he's responding too, why not just use Moose::Tiny?

POE-Component-Generic (0.0904) *****

I found this to be the fastest way to boostrap a project into POE. I wrote a wrapper around a webservice using LWP, and made sure my wrapper had and Object API. It was then trivial to use POE::Component::Generic to make my Wrapper non-blocking and hook it to an IRC bot (using POE::Component::IRC of course). So far this package rocks.

The documentation is a bit non-obvious at first, I suspect because the API isn't obviously unless you've spent a lot of time with POE. But I managed to get through it and now have a bit of code that works equally well in several different enviroments.

OpenGuides (0.52) ****

I think the core developers (Dom, Kake, Earle, Ivor etc.) of this project are wonderful. I run one of the guides (saintpaul) and occasionally submit bugs and patches and I've never had a problem. They're always accessible via IRC and email and will go out of their way to help me with any issues I have had.

Bone-Easy (0.04) *****

The worst thing I could have possibly done was hook this up to Bender on ... so of course it had to be done. This module has proved to be one of the most popular of Bender's plugins. Thank you Schwern, you've ruined him.