Reviews by Olaf Alders


Net-Braintree (0.27.0)

This module has now been deprecated: Unfortunately, since the release contains no real documentation, this very important change in status has basically been left undocumented.

If you dig deeply enough, you'll find that it's documented _not_ in the README, but in

It looks like the hosted Perl documentation has moved to

WWW-YouTube-Download (0.56) *****

This module "just works" right out of the box. A minute or two after install I was already downloading. Great stuff!

Image-Size (3.232) *****

The imgsize command line utility is exactly what I needed for displaying image dimensions at the command line. Was very happy to find this.

Code-TidyAll (0.17) *****

In combination with Git pre-commit hooks this tool can help you enforce code standards for you and your entire team with ease. It can even force you to sort lines in files like .gitignore. Well worth spending the time to get up and running. Excellent tool.

Every (0.08) *****

Simple interface which works as advertised. Does one thing and does it well. Saves you just a few lines of code here and there, but that's a big win if it makes your life easier.

HTTP-BrowserDetect (1.11)

This module has been brought back to life! The RT queue has pretty much been cleared out and many new browser definitions have been added, including mobile devices. I'm not going to rate this module as I'm the current maintainer, but I do want to make clear that the entirely valid concerns of the previous reviewer have now been addressed.

WWW-Contact (0.24) *****

I've only used this module to get contacts from Gmail, but I have to say that it was working for me within a matter of minutes. Excellent work and a HUGE time saver for the project that I'm working on right now. A big thank you to the authors!