Reviews by nathan jahnke


Devel-NYTProf (4.04) *****

my discovery of this module this afternoon was roughly equivalent to the discovery of controlled fire. it is almost 3 am and i am still quite awake planning where my app will go thanks to the information contained in the html report from just one hour of profiling. i had written a primitive profiling system myself but Devel::NYTProf ate its breakfast, lunch, and dinner. these are paradigmatic revelations. i am in awe of the potential of this tool's output to control the minds of management personnel who want to know how to squeeze every last cycle out of their existing hardware.

it is only once every few years that i find software that truly nails usefulness and usability simultaneously.

one word of caution: this profiler needs a clean shutdown of the perl interpreter to work its magic. don't kill your app unless it handles the signal and exits cleanly or you'll have to try again with your tail between your legs like i did.