Reviews by Martin J. Evans


Term-ProgressBar-Simple (0.03) ****

Does exactly what it says. Simple progress bar on your terminal and even has a method to output text without disturbing the bar.

Devel-NYTProf (2.08) *****

Don't bother with other perl profilers, this is THE one. Very easy to collect profile statistics and generate connected HTML pages showing so much detail of where time is spent you will be amazed. In particular, I find the ability to locate time consuming subs, find where they were called from, see which of the callers contributed the most time and walk back up the stack very useful.

Profiling was so tedious and time consuming before and Devel::NYTProf makes is a lot easier. Thank you Adam and Tim.

DBD-Oracle (1.21) ****

I think the comments from Mladen Gogala are very harsh and should not discourage anyone from taking a serious look at DBD::Oracle. This module is one of the oldest DBDs and well maintained with many recent updates (e.g. recent support for scrollable cursors and persistent lobs). I've used DBD::Oracle for over 3 years in production environments; all of the DBI interface is fully supported including execute_array and support for iThreads and there are many other Oracle specific methods for additional functionality included in OCI. If you want to use unicode, procedures, packages, do nifty things with cursors returned from package procedures, use nested cursors, embedded objects of OBJECT, VARRAY and TABLE etc you'll not find this module lacking. Like Oracle, it is not a breeze to get up and running on /some/ systems but many recent changes for improved installation with instant client have made this a lot easier.