Reviews by Michiel Beijen


Mozilla-CA (20141217) *****

I like it a lot that there is a new version of Mozilla::CA now available on CPAN again :D

This is a great module because it allows you to check certificates without depending on stuff on your system such as openssl, which makes it a trusted fallback on platforms such as Windows.

LWP::Protocol::https will use this by default if there is no SSL_ca_file or SSL_ca_path passed.

HTTP::Tiny will do the same if there is no SSL_ca_file passed.

So it's a very important piece of security infrastructure for Perl. Please make sure you keep yours up-to-date!

Path-Tiny (0.061) *****

I really, REALLY like this module.

It makes managing files so much easier. Just opening them, reading them into a scalar or array, printing them out.

Of course it STARTED out as a true ::Tiny module but as seems to happen with those it is now not so Tiny anymore, it even has support for stuff on platforms as AIX and such.

I wrote a platform for managing Video on Demand files and had to load and process a whole lot of XML metadata files, images, and videos. I used this module extensively to crawl directories, read files and so on. It has helped me a lot writing code faster while also making my code much easier to read and maintain. Thanks a LOT for this module!