Reviews by Maurice Height


Moos (0.30) ****

I found it easy to convert a number of simple but non-trivial classes from Moose to Moos. The documentation is concise and sufficient. I have not encountered any problems and if you read the section ON SPEED you will find that the author suggests that you use accessors without using method calls. While code written this way might be uglier it is still very easy to read especially when accessors names are single quoted and displayed in Notepad++ editor. For example:
my $foo = $self->{'foo'};
$self->{'foo'} = $foo;

Data-Section (0.101620) *****

Excellent module! Simplest and easiest way to read data from end of a Perl file. Data returned by this module could be used to initialize Config::General or Config::IniFiles instances.

Parse-CSV (1.00) *****

I use this module a lot and have found this is the easiest way to parse CSV files. Simple to use, good documentation and fast.