Reviews by Mayukh


HTML-TableExtract (2.10) *****

Makes an otherwise tedious task almost trivial. I had earlier used HTML-Tree to extract the data from a specific depth. However every time the layout changed(often) the extraction code would break.

Extracting tables using the headers instead of some HTML properties (depth, element name etc) is simple and robust.

CGI-Application (4.31) *****

I have been using CGI-Application in my projects for over 2 years now and never had I any reasons to complain. Some of the things which have made me stick to this framework are 1. Brilliant documentation, 2. Easy intuitive interface 3. A large number of plugins which address almost every conceivable requirement. 4. A very helpful mailing list.

CGI-Application seems to hit a very sweet spot between a lightweight framework and a complex system where you have to bend over backwards to perform anything non-standard. Good job.

HTML-Template-Compiled-Plugin-Comma (0.01) *****

This is exactly what I was looking for. An easy way to format numbers on a web application without having to write my own sub. Easy to use, does what it claims to do with no fuss.

Date-Business (1.2) ****

Fairly good module for doing business date calculations. I have used this in a financial reporting tools. The ability to define holidays is a godsend.

However the documentation is lacking a bit, example when we call $d->next, what does the function call return, does it return the next business date as Datetime::business object? Does it return a 1 on success and undef on failure? or does it increment the object to the next business date? It took 10 seconds to look at the code to figure out the answer.

Apart from sparse documentation, there is nothing really to complain about. A good solid module.

Rose-DB-Object (0.787) *****

Using Rose-DB-Object has cut down development time significantly. As with all good software RDBO has very good

1. Documentation
2. API
3. Performance

I order them in order of discovery and not importance, I first came across the brilliant RDBO tutorial, got motivated to use and was pleasantly surprised at the well designed API, after implementing a small portion of the data model in RDBO when I did some load testing on the application I was blown away by its performance. Obviously I went away and converted the entire model in RDBO and have never looked back.

I would also mention that I was using SQL::Abstract and was very satisfied with the solution until I discovered RDBO and the advantages of modeling data as extensible objects.

Log-Tiny (0.01) ****

A very simplistic logger.
I do not think it is correct to criticize a module in the namespace *::Tiny for the lack of complexity or versatality as some of us seem to have done.

I had no problems using this and would recommend this to any one who want to add a simple logging to their applications.

CGI-Framework (0.23) ****

I stumbled upon this framework during my research on web development frameworks in Perl.

Compared to a couple of hours of trying to install Catalyst on my machine(Windows XP Pro) i could get a complete mini application running in about 30 minutes.

One issue which i encountered was when i tried to do NTML authentication using mod_sspi(Apache 2.2). I kept getting the error "Malformed Multi Part Post".
I tried a few things and delved into the framework code. After spending a couple of hours, i decided to move over to CGI::Application. Which has a similar flavor.