Reviews by Maurice Mengel


App-Cmd (0.319) ****

If you have a complex command line thing with multiple sub commands (like 'git clone', 'git push' plus options and arguments) this is the way to go.

As usual, rjbs writes highly useful, slightly cryptic code (a little too compact for my taste) that at the beginning wasn't particularly well documented, although documentation is getting better. (He just updated with a few of my pod suggestions).

The module has a pretty good test suite these days which is reason enough to not roll your own command line launcher.

This modules seems to be widely used today:
which makes it look a bit more like standard.

Toby Inkster says in another review that App::Cmd is "the PSGI of the command-line world". Of course, it isn't that. It's not a specification, and it's not even as well thought out as Plack, but it's still the way to go if you want 'cmd subcmd' right now.

Dancer (1.9999_02) ****

The new moo-ish Dancer 2 is about ready to come to CPAN (from github). There is already a developer version (1.99xx). I looked a bit into it, suggested some documentation patches, but can't say exactly how much of an improvement it will be over Dancer 1. Seems that it will be much easier to deploy multiple Dancer 2 applications.

Dancer community is still great, although development is slower these days than it used to be.

What I appreciate most about Dancer is that a) the Community is friendly, welcoming and big enough to respond quickly and b) that the Dancer folks produce clean, readable, undogmatically modern (in one word: excellent) perl code. (Dancer2 still has a little to go in this respect, but it's getting there.)

I follow Dancer 2 development mainly to learn more about perl and the Dancer people continually come up with new stuff that I did not yet know about.

Dancer2 continues to make small to medium-size webapps a breeze.