Reviews by Leandro Hermida


UML-Class-Simple (0.19) ***

This is a nice module and easy to install and use but don't expect too much, it doesn't generate real UML class diagrams. I know it's a "*::Simple" CPAN module but I think the output it generates misses absolute must haves.

It will draw classes and their inheritance hierarchy but doesn't draw any of the object-level relationships between classes with directionality and cardinality. These are very important to have in any UML class diagram.

Const-Fast (0.011) *****

I just found this module on CPAN while searching on another topic and was so pleased. Have been using Readonly for years to do constants and as the author of Const::Fast mentions in the documentation Readonly can have some weird behavior due to its internals which I'd become rather familiar with after so long :-)

I just took an entire application and swapped Readonly for Const::Fast and everything worked out-of-the-box, the only additional things I had to fix were things I was doing incorrectly in my code like accidentally autovivifying read-only hash values during tests that Readonly didn't notice :-)

Sort-Key (1.28) *****

A must have module for sorting, been using it for years... it is both a fast and extremely flexible library!

Alien-Tidyp (v1.4.3) *****

I needed tidyp and saw that tidyp RPMS are still not available for non-development Linux distros, saw this module and with one install command in CPAN it checked, downloaded, compiled and installed tidyp perfectly!

Parallel-Forker (1.231) *****

Great module, works like a charm. In my opinion is the best module on CPAN for parallel job forking and management. Has child process signaling and graceful shutdown unlike the older Parallel::ForkManager, and is more feature rich than Parallel::PreFork.

XML-Pastor (1.0.3) ****

I've used this module a few times and found it extremely useful! Please keep it going (latest update was 2 years ago) as it fills a very important role in CPAN and Perl, there are no other modules that do Perl round trip XML data binding and this is a very important and commonly used programming need!

Crypt-Util (0.10) *****

I stumbled upon this module searching the CPAN for an easy-to-use library where I could encrypt/decrypt strings to put into URIs. Having absolutely no experience with encryption or any of the encryption modules available on CPAN I was up and running with this module in 5 mins and my task was solved!

XML-Compile-SOAP (2.12) ****

Finally something that can replace the hard to use SOAP::Lite (have you ever successfully been able to create complex SOAP data structures with SOAP::Lite's SOAP::Data? It can make you want to bash your head in!)

With XML::Compile::SOAP I was able to write clients fairly easily and it does an excellent and seamless job of converting Perl data structures to SOAP ones and vice versa.

Bio-MAGETAB (0.99) *****

Powerful and comprehensive MAGE-TAB API for reading and writing MAGE-TAB files and really doing anything you need to do MAGE-TAB wise :) The module also has a few additional utilities like an experiment graph visualizer which is very useful and a database persistence class to store/retrieve your files in and out of an RDBMS.

I found the API relatively easy to use as long as you understand the MAGE-TAB specification and concepts!

GDGraph (1.44) *****

I've used GD::Graph on a number of projects where complex plotting was required and it is great. It has a large number of configuration options to allow you to design the exact graph or plot that you need which is very important in this space and the documented "experimental" hotspot features I've used successfully and find extremely useful!

Let's keep development of this module going you have a lot of happy users!

IPC-Lite (0.4.35) ****

This module is very easy to use and works great, uses SQLite as a backend instead of SysV shared memory like some of the other IPC::* modules. I like that because SQLite is straightforward and I found that the modules that use SysV shared memory as a backend can sometimes be tricky, not so easy to use, and produce strange results when you thought you were using them correctly :)

Task-Kensho (0.18) *****

As a Perl developer of many years, I am very happy to see in 2009 that movements like Modern Perl and Enlightened Perl are aiming to show how powerful and wonderful Perl and CPAN are and Task::Kensho helps programmers, in the sea of over 18,000 CPAN modules, find recommended modules for the most common programming areas.