Reviews by Darren Kulp


Mac-AppleScript (0.04) ****

At first I was afraid this was just a thin wrapper around osascript, but when I saw the XS interface, I tried it despite the sparse documentation, and was pleased to be able to significantly decrease lag in my application when issuing rapid-fire script events. Simple but useful.

Lingua-Translate (0.09) *****

Super-easy to use. I added translation to an IRC bot in three minutes with this.

XML-Atom-SimpleFeed (0.82) *****

This would be a stellar module if it supported non-ASCII characters nicely. Instead, it replaces ISO-8859-1 accented sequences like "l'été" with "l'\xE9t\xE9" ; that is, it introduces the literal Perl hex representation which is fairly useless to anything outside perl. I think it should either try to encode as numeric entites or pass through the encoded characters, assuming that the user has set up the appropriate encoding beforehand. As it is, I cannot use the module easily for non-English feeds.

UPDATE: I hadn't seen bug 19722, which largely explains my problem. In my case, there are relatively few entities, and I can live with them, so using

decode("UTF-8", $content, Encode::FB_XMLCREF);

before passing input to X::A::SF made things work all right.

Sorry for the inappropriateness of my original comment. I give 4.5 of 5 stars, rounded up. :)

Games-Battleship (0.05)

BKB: Is that all ? Would you give a correct implementation of backgammon or chess one star if you found them boring ? Your rating would be more helpful if it reflected how well the module matches its advertising, not your taste in games. This is a library, not a fancy GUI.

If this was an attempt at humor, you should be aware that (due to an apparent bug in CPANRATINGS) giving a module its first rating and then clearing the rating does not clear the summary rating on the front page, so you could do permanent defamatory damage to the module even if you intended only temporary humor.

Data-Validation (0.2.52)

BKB: It does use Moose's syntax and infrastructure for object inheritance (see the "extends" ?).

D::V::C::Email and friends do not exist in a vacuum. The value of a validation system does not necessarily derive from its implementation of validators but from the unified interface it provides. To me, the fact that ::Email uses a five-star validator in three lines of code is far superior to yet another potentially-faulty implementation in any number of lines.

WWW-Mechanize-GZip (0.10) *****

A web page was returning gzip-encoded pages without my requesting them; this module made supporting that site painless. Bravo !

My only complaint is that the Pod::Coverage default test fails. Probably the developer does not have Pod::Coverage installed on his machine and so the tests are skipped (I have done this myself).

Test-Simple (0.80)

BKB: An inconsistent review can very well be unhelpful. If you speak highly of a module in the text but rate it poorly numerically, you are being confusing at best and duplicitous at worst. Either quality merits "unhelpful" in my view.

Moose (0.55)

Note: since BKB has cleared his / her rating this comment is no longer expected to be useful.

BKB: That Moose doesn't pass all its tests for you is unfortunate. However, if the failing test(s) had never been written and Moose installed fine while still technically containing a bug (if it does), would you ever have noticed ? (Try forcing install and finding out.) You seem to be punishing Moose for having a zealous test suite, not for any real defect you've found in its behavior.

It is also curious that you would award three stars to Lingua-Flags, which you say also fails its tests, but here only one, apparently without evaluating Moose's behavior yourself.

Getopt-Clade (0.0.1)

Well, it's past September 2005. Would it be possible to have this finished at some point ? I got rather excited about it when I saw it in PBP, but if it remains here in this state it's not much better than a lot of other placeholder modules (it's a little better, because it lists alternatives).

XML-Simple (2.18) *****

Original review: Very handy!

OK, that was a useless review. Really, though, XML::Simple, though not general-purpose, has saved me so much time and has done The Right Thing so many times that I could hardly imagine coding without it.

DateTime-Format-Japanese (0.03)

BKB: installation problems are not IMHO a good reason to give one star to a module: they could be caused by a problem with MakeMaker or your installation. The place for these comments is in the bug reports, with a detailed report of the failure: your rating is of no value to the author and of almost none to users. That, I think, is why even people who don't use the module can justifiably rate your comment unhelpful; if you take this as a personal attack, communication just breaks down further.

Wurst (0.51)

Randy J. Ray, did you read that "boilerplate" ? It tells you to look at wurst.pod, where there are pages and pages of POD. Whether or not it's where you want it, the documentation is available.

Array-IntSpan (2.001) ****

I don't use all that this module offers, but I find its ->consolidate method rather handy for taking arbitrary lists of numbers and computing disjoint ranges for them.

DBIx-Std (v0.0.1)

"Once its done i think you'll love it, no need to bash it until you try it."

And no need to post it until you've built it.

Net-Libdnet (0.01)

Can't comment on its usefulness, but note that some distributions (notably Debian) which call this library libdumbnet require including 'dumbnet.h' instead of 'dnet.h' and linking against 'libdumbnet' instead of 'libdnet'. A symbolic link and two -l changes in the Makefile sufficed for me.

Spreadsheet-Read (0.23) ****

Solidly useful; when I replaced Spreadsheet::ParseExcel I was at first confused by the column-major format until I found the rows() sub. I like format transparency. Highly recommended.

Number-Format (1.52) *****

Little modules like Number::Format are the gems of CPAN: it took me less than a minute to install and use this module to replace a less flexible format_bytes()-like solution.

Lingua-Conjunction (2.00) *****

After a I wrote an ugly do{}-block to do this, I realized there had to be something like this on CPAN already. Thirty seconds of searching revealed this simple, clean, and useful module.

Mac-PropertyList (1.29) ****

I found this module very helpful, but I too wanted to use it for iTunes libraries, so I built Mac::PropertyList::SAX on top of it. Standing on the shoulders of giants ....

HDB (1.05)

To author: please remember on your own part that CPANRatings asks:

"If you are commenting on your own module, please don't give it any ratings but just leave the review as a comment."

You seem to rate your own modules (HDB, Object::MultiType) rather highly.

XML-Filter-DetectWS (0.01) ***

It would be nice if this module would inherit from XML::SAX::Base or otherwise provide things like set_handlers() so that it could be used in an XML::SAX::Machines Pipeline. It's too inconvenient at this stage, although that simple change could make it quite useful.

XML-Filter-BufferText (1.01) ****

Great time-saver! One of my projects will need comments to be handled differently in the near future, but I may be able to submit a patch for that.

Net-Amazon (0.35) *****

Very easy to use; method naming slightly confusing (Net::Amazon::Property->Authors() vs. Net::Amazon::Property::Book->authors()), but on the whole very well done.