Reviews by karman


KinoSearch (0.30_082) *****

KinoSearch is a thoroughly pleasant package to use. The author has taken the time to think through the API, provide clear documentation and examples, and continues to improve performance and features. KinoSearch is fast, robust and scalable. Try it for your next search project.

Text-FormatTable (1.03) *****

I love this module. I am glad to see it being maintained. At the time I started using it (around 2004) it was the fastest of the ascii table generators and continues to be very easy to use.

Search-QueryParser (0.93) *****

I've used (and written CPAN modules depending upon) this module for several years and have been impressed by its dependability and the author's responsiveness.

Devel-NYTProf (2.10) *****

Why aren't you using it already?

Chart-Gnuplot (0.04) *****

I needed to generate gnuplots per Manager This Is Very Important assignment. This package was painless to use and well documented with examples.

Nice work!