Reviews by Kai Carver


Geo-Coordinates-UTM (0.08) *****

This worked great for converting WGS84 31U grid coordinates from a GPS to latitude/longitude coordinates. Thank you!

(a tiny nit: utm_to_latlon(undef, undef, undef, undef) could be better handled)

HTTP-Cache-Transparent (1.0) *****

From my initial use of this module, it looks like it does just what I need, that is, make it easy to debug my screen scraper without hammering the target web page.

Encode (2.18) *****

This module works very well. Though I am deeply mystified by Unicode, charsets, and so on (isn't everyone?), this module comes through for me.

Image-EXIF (1.00.3) **

Better to use Image::Info rather than wrap an external program.