Reviews by Juan Marcos Moreno


Kwiki-Weather (0.05) *

You have to be kidding to have this plugin in a web page wiki instead in your desktop or another web page.

This plugin was created to show some "coolness" but has no real use. It's just a misuse.

WWW-Automate (0.20) *

Don't use this module!
Is not maintained anymore.

This module has been superseded by WWW::Mechanize.

WWW-Mechanize (0.57) *****

WWW::Mechanize is a better module than plain LWP::UserAgent to automate WWW scripts. You should be able to use it in every place you were using LWP::UserAgent if that's not possible file a bug in WWW::Mechanize.
WWW::Mechanize gets the job done in simple steps.