Reviews by Jerrad Pierce


Task (1.04) ***

The goal is laudable, but I also agree that Task is a poor choice, not because it's a useful namespace, but because it's a common synonym of *job*. The familiarity for Debian users is nice, but for the rest of us there's no intuitive linkage that i can see between the purpose and the name. unfortunately, I am unable to uncover the perl.modules discussion, and therefore have no idea why Adam feels that "Bundle" is wrong.

Fortunately, contrary to Shawn's claim this namespace is not yet super popular, I count less than two dozen packages on CPAN compared to many more for Bundle... So although this decision was made some time ago it could yet be changed.

I would like to proffer the name Bindle. It's very similar to Bundle, about as intuitive, and also means a "bag, sack, or carrying device" i.e; a collection.

Statistics-Basic (1.6601) ****

Dox are standard, but assumes you remember all your statistics.
You probably want correlation, not covariance (though the latter is likely to pop into your mind if you're thinking about ANOVA and colinearity). I also ended up getting a reminder from Math::NumberCruncher that, "Correlation ranges from 1 to -1, with a correlation of zero meaning no correlation exists between the two variables."

It's unfortunate that (like M::NC) the co* methods only operate on two vectors. Therefore you may need something like:

use Math::Combinatorics;

use Statistics::Basic qw(:all);

my $combos = Math::Combinatorics->new(count=>2, data=>[@vectors]);

while(my @combo = $combos->next_combination){

my $cor = correlation( @combo );

print "The correlation is $cor for vectors:\n$combo[0]\n$combo[1]\n" if abs($cor) > .66;


JS-JS (0.01) *

Pointless name-squatting release of no redeeming merit.

common-sense (0.03) **

Awful name (not a proper pragma), and the SYNOPSIS doesn't tell you anything either. Nor is it clear what features have to do with "common sense" or discipline.

Bundle-Everything (0.041) *

This is pointless cruft that clogs search results. It might be novel
and "useful" if it managed to use up to date CPAN metadata to build
its list, but instead it is hard-coded and out of date... Not that
there's any good reason to install all of CPAN anyhow (without your
own local mirror at least).

MIME-tools (5.427) ****

I agree with grinder, the interface could be simpler,
and to do things like convert a message to multipart/alternative
I had to work up some dubious code, but at least it's possible
and one needn't parse messages by hand. The suite is powerful,
if not elegant, but the same could be said of any of the other
mega-modules on CPAN (LWP, DateTime, Mail::Box).

RTx-Calendar (0.06) ****

This provides an extremely useful overview of tickets and reminders,
and exposes the latter over iCal which the 3.8 iCal feature does not.

Data-JavaScript (1_10)

No rating since I'm the maintainer. Unicode support has been added
in this version, and the module has always come with a file named and a brief description with sample output in README.

The verbosity is why I created Data::JavaScript::LiteObject.
In the future we will be working on merging all of the other
dumpers into this one.