Reviews by john napiorkowski


Test-Httpd-Apache2 (0.03) *****

Worked great for me. I used your Test::mysqld and Test::postgresql as well and both perform as advertised. Hope you do one similar for Apache1, even though its basically deprecated lots of code still needs to be tested on it. Thanks!

MooseX-MethodAttributes (0.16) *****

To help people figure out the "why?" here, my understanding is that even though in general the Perl community is moving away from method attributes, there's a lot of code in the wild that uses it, so the Moose community went to a lot of trouble (mostly the main author of this package) to bend over backwards and support something that few people using Moose actually need, but was felt needed for compatibility reasons. I think the main reason for being for this (please someone correct me if I am wrong) is to support the Catalyst transition to Moose. So I feel it really shows how hard the Catalyst team is trying to maintain backward compatibility, even with as huge a change as rewriting the underlying bits in a new framework.

My recommendation to you is to stay away from method attributes; but if you have legacy code that uses then and you want to transition to Moose, this will help a lot. (3.46) *****

Well, I just want to say three cheers for the maintainer, who has spent the last 10+ years keeping CGI alive and kicking. Although in general the Perl web development world has moved on to other things, there was a time where a handful of modules were Perl's claim to fame and CGI was one of them. Back when I first started programming with Perl I doubt I started many applications without saying "use CGI;" at the very top of my script. Along with DBI, the various DBDs I could quickly and easily build a database backed website and I didn't need to spend a ton of money on licensing fees or training.

You can make fun of the documentation if you want, but don't forget there was a time not many years ago that if you wanted programming API documentation you had to pay for it, and usually the books were not cheap, nor were the classes inexpensive. CGI was a gift to Perl and it's one of the main reasons Perl became such an important language for web development.

ExtUtils-AutoInstall (0.63) *****


Just thought I'd try to help balance out the score a bit. I didn't see the older version so no comment really on that, but this module has become a core part of all my development workflows for the past two years, to my great help. Using Makefile.PL and "make installdeps" has become the standard best practice for all the communities projects I work on, such as Catalyst, DBIC and Moose. It's made my internal use only code better and improves all my development processes. This is a key component in the Modern Perl toolchain. If you are not using it, there's a good chance you are not properly managing your dependencies

MySQL-Sandbox (2.0.99e) *****

This thing is crazy useful and I hope you keep it up to date. Now I just wish someone would do the same for Postgresql and one of the more common replication engines, such as slony...

MooseX-LogDispatch (1.1002) *****

Makes logging in Moose based classes trivial. If you are using Moose and still doing, 'warn "some message" if $DEBUG' then you should give this a close look.

Devel-Declare (0.001003)


I'm not rating this package, but just wanted to point out, in response to a previous comment, that Matt did carefully note this package was not for general consumption, but was placed here to make it easier for some people using it who already know what it does, to download it into their projects. So I believe the low score is unfair, particularly so since the author has contributed a LOT of valuable stuff to the perl community. Where ever he is taking this package, I am sure in the end it will be some very helpful. Just let's be a little patient. Or if not, read the source and tests to figure out what it is and submit a patch :)

Imager (0.54) *****


Installing and using this was a lot easier for me than for other Perl image manipulation/generation modules. I found I was able to install and compile without a single additional dependency, but your results might vary. The cookbook and other documentation is very complete.

It did everything I needed. I went from finding it on CPAN to installing it to having a working example for my client in about 4 hours.