Reviews by Judy hawkins


Audio (1.029) **

Audio::Play builds, but doesn't pass its tests.

Several tests give this warning : Name "Audio::Data::AudioVtab" used only once: possible typo at /usr/lib64/perl5/ line 213.

I poked around and couldn't find anything I could fix.

The load.t file fails to load its file; I opened in the snd editor and it seems to be fine.

May I recommend replacing the file handling with Audio::SndFile which is a very complete, working interface to the libsndfile libraries, which gets you access to nearly every audio file format in existence?

Audio-SndFile (0.09) *****

Audio-SndFile is much more complete than its 0.09 version number suggests. It gives you substantial access to the libsndfile project, and that gives you access to a wide variety of sound file formats.

I've successfully integrated it as a PDL IO add on.