Reviews by Jeff Lavallee


Test-Simple (0.94) *****

How can you not love Test-Simple?

TAP-Harness-JUnit (0.26) ****

A great module that works well. Author is very responsive to bugs & patch submissions.

Net-Stomp (0.34) *****

Says what it does, does what it says. Have been using it for a while now and never had a hiccup. Thanks!!

Module-Build (0.2808) *****

Module::Build is my friend!

CPAN-Mini (0.565) *****

Super useful. I was genuinely surprised how easy it was to use, and now any perl module I want is right at my fingertips, even when the internet isn't

Proc-ProcessTable (0.41) ****

Overall, a really useful module. Beats the heck out of parsing ps output ;)

Acme-DonMartin (0.09) ****

It works. It's funny at least once.