Reviews by Jeff Anderson


Search-Xapian ( ***

Good product, lacking documentation however. Be prepared for lots of trial/error and mailing list questions.

HTML-LinkExtractor (0.09) *****

Seems that everytime i use HTML::LinkExtor, i have to really study (not just browse) the docs to remember how to use it. 9 out of 10 times, all i need to do is store the href attributes in an array. HTML::LinkExtractor provides a simpler interface which does not force you to provide a callback, but still allows you to do so should you need finer control. I like to think of this module as HTML::LinkExtor::Simple. ;)

MIME-Lite (3.01) *****

This is my favorite mailing module. If you are new to Perl and sending email from a script, please look at this one first. (2.99) *****

If you are not using mod_perl, then you should be using

use CGI or die;

Time-Piece (1.08) *****

Time::Piece is quickly becoming my Super Date Module Number One. Between it and the DateTime project, i need little else. It is a simple, brute-force modules that is simple to use and easy to understand.

Time::Piece is a "drop-in" replacement for localtime and gmtime. Simple call those functions in scalar context and you get a Time::Piece object instead (and you still can call those functions in list context for backwards compatibility).

Class-MethodMaker (1.11) *****

A lot of folks dislike Perl's OO symantics: "Bless?!?!? What's up with this bless?!?! In Python or Java I can blah blah ..." claiming that it's either too ugly or too much of a hack. Class::MethodMaker shuts them up real quick.

This module allows you to provide accessor methods - easily - to your
object. Clients that use your object will no longer have to peek and poke directly with $self to get and set 'attributes', and all you have to do is provide a list of attributes to be created by Class::MethodMaker. Also, you can subclass your Class::MethodMaker generated object without having to redefine the constructor.

My only gripe is that there are not enough examples in the documentation, but Damian Conway's 'Object Oriented Perl' (isbn: 1884777791) has a chapter (number 8) devoted to this module which has more than enough examples.