Reviews by Jeff Kubina


DBD-SQLite (1.37) *****

I've been using this module for years and it works great every time, thank you!

Date-Manip (5.54) *****

This is my favorite module for parsing dates, especially when I don't want to spent time figuring out all the possible date formats of my data source. Only in a very few cases have I had to replaced it with a faster date parser. It's ease of use makes it one of the handiest date parsers in CPAN. Thanks Sullivan!

CPAN (1.94) *****

I've been using CPAN for years and find it invaluable in interfacing to the CPAN archive. The few times I have had problems, it has always been with either missing system programs (like wget) or networking problems, not the module. The documentation is detailed and well worth taking the time to read and learn all the options. Thank you Andreas!