Reviews by Jacinta Richardson


LWP-UserAgent-Determined (1.06) *****

This module is a huge timesaver. No longer do you have to write your own loops with alarms, and sleeps to handle the fact that sometimes servers are busy, or down, or whatever.... It's also really well written.

HTML-HTMLDoc (0.10) *****

Despite not being touched for 6 years, this is a fabulous module for converting a HTML page to PDF. ++will use a lot. ;)

It has its limitations (such as ignoring CSS) and all, but handles tables and inserting headers, footers, background images nicely.

Logfile (0.302) ***

Despite having a very misleading name (it would be better called LogfileReport or something more like that) and somewhat challenging documentation; this is a very handy module.

Don't let its age mislead you, log files formats don't change that often, so neither does this module need to. If you want an easy way to tabulate interesting information from a Logfile - whether one of the provided formats, or your own - this module is well worth a look.

Class-DBI (0.96) ****

This is a great module to remove the tedium of embedding SQL all throughout your programs or otherwise having to deal with it. Class::DBI provides easy to use relations between tables, triggers and allows much SQL (particularly updating and deleting) to be abstracted away. The biggest problem I have had is that although there is a lot of documentation there are a lot of very simple questions that don't get answered.

Net-Common (0.02) *

This appears to be a stub module with no moving parts (or anything otherwise of use). I presume that there is an intention for it to be further developed at some point along the line.

Regexp-Common (2.113) *****

A great module for helping us avoid the need to work out these complex regular expressions over and over. If you need/want to use a regular expression to determine if that's a valid IP address, or if this form has any profanity you can, it's easy.

I think the documentation tends to waffle on a bit too much and it's tempting to skim over it trying to find what you're looking for only to realise that the example you're looking at is completely different to what you thought it was.