Reviews by jacques


HTML-Perlinfo (1.61)

Author's note: The reviews here are very, very old. (They are reviewing version 1.00 from 2005.) HTML::Perlinfo does not require non-core modules. And it has reusable components.

Date-Calc (5.4) *****

Well, it got the job done. So I give it 5 stars for that. The documentation had enough examples for me to quickly figure out what I needed to do.

Data-Dumper (2.121) *****

I use it constantly. They should just make "Dumper" a core Perl function, so developers don't have to remove "use Data::Dumper" when they release code. :-)

Bundle-Ovid (1.01)

I agree with Robert Rothenberg's review. This shouldn't be on CPAN.

This bundle sets a bad example. Contributions should be useful and address a need (for more than one person). This is basically "Ovid's Favorite Module List." Imagine if everyone started uploading their own favorite module list to use whenever they get on a new server. This is not what CPAN is for.

Win32-AbsPath (1.0) *

Don't use this module. Use File::Spec::Functions, which is a core module. It does the same thing. Unfortunately, this module makes no mention of File::Spec in its POD.

Unix (0.02) *

OMG, you actually responded to the reviews in your POD! What's next? Are you going to update all of your modules with rebuttals? Lowest rating for misuse of POD and namespace.

Acme-JAPH (0.03) *

Further support for the zero-stars ratings option. (2.99) ****

Okay, it's a great module. With great documentation. Everyone knows that. But my beef with is that it tries to do too much. There are so many things you could do with this module and it's so big. Also it would be nice if there were some more built-in security features turned on by default... Anyway, why are you reading this? You are still going to use this module no matter what. :)

Acme::Current / Acme-Current-Forever (1.00) *****


Win32-Wallpaper (0.04) ****

Pretty good and much needed module. The only drawback is that bitmaps are the only images that can be used. Hopefully, this will change with the release of his Win32::Desktop module.