Reviews by 依瑪貓


Acme-ProgressBar (1.124) *****

Oh! Marvelous! You cannot do it any better!
This is the *MOST* accurate time estimation that I have ever seen!
It just cannot go wrong!

Test-TempDatabase (0.12) *

Test-TempDatabase is dangerous. It is a test module but requires PostgreSQL superuser privilege. Running potentially-may-have-bug test suites with superuser privilege is out of mind.

This is especially true for us CPAN testers. We CPAN testers run tests for tens of unknown modules per day from all over the world. Not knowing what module we are testing but requiring us to grant a superuser privilege, is insane.

It is more reasonable to ask the PostgreSQL group to add a “create temporarily database” non-superuser privilege than using this module.

Acme-MorningMusume (0.10) *****

This module is so COOL~~ I like it!!!!

perl (5.8.8) ****

I don't know what you are taking about. Aristotle Pagaltzis is right. I like Perl a lot, but its documentation sucks. They look like a lot of books from the long history that added this and that here and there. I use for almost 10 years for my daily work, advocate it over other solutions like PHP. But still, I can hardly find what I want for a new feature I want to know about. I can still remember how hard until I found the right document for threading, perlre, perlipc. And I still can lost among them just to find a simple tip. The documentation is a terrible maze. I cannot imagine how I live with them if I have no offline copy of and my "grep".

If only there can be something like GNU glibc texinfo documents that has chapters, sections, concept index, keyword index, etc..

Crypt-Rijndael_PP (0.04) *****

Dear Christian Lackas,

Hi. This is imacat from Taiwan. I want to thank you for writing this module. It saved me from a big trouble that the original Rate Crypt-Rijndael does not work on x86_64. Thank you for your effort.