Reviews by Iain Elder


HTML-TableExtract (2.11) *****

This module is the reason I learned Perl.

When I wanted to convert a series of HTML table files to CSV, this class made the HTML parsing beautifully simple.

The module repesents an HTML table as an array of arrays. By happy coincidence, Text::CSV_XS represents a CSV file in exactly the same way. To convert HTML to CSV, you just pass the table object to the csv function. It's that easy!

As Graham Stead said, the documentation would benefit with more detail. For example, it's not clear how the superclass methods are overriden and what they return.

I'm more comfortable with Python, but I couldn't find an equivalent module that makes it so easy. Sebastien Sauvage's html2csv in Python is even simpler to use, but it's not in a package or actively maintained.