Reviews by Rob Hoelz


App-Wallflower (1.004) *****

App::Wallflower saved me a lot of headaches when working on a simple Dancer application (my personal blog). I was able to make a static site generator and avoid messing around with Varnish configuration. Thanks, BooK!

Lua-API (0.04) *****

The perfect module for the Lua/Perl addict! The interface is very low-level, but if you're familiar with the Lua C API, you'll feel right at home. It's not entirely clear if/how you can push arbitrary Perl objects onto the stack, though.

WWW-Facebook-API (0.4.18) ***

This isn't a review, but rather a response to Anders Nielsen.

You may want to check out Facebook::Graph; it is maintained and works with the current Facebook API.

Net-Google-DataAPI (0.23) ****

The docs for this module explain how to go through the OAuth dance and get your authorized token, but they don't really explain how to go about using that token the next time you want to construct an OAuth object with it. Also, you need to rely on the example to figure out what methods are available; none of them are documented.