Reviews by gomer hump


Net-validMX (2.1.0) **

poorly chosen name

Archive-StringToZip (1.00) *

actually this should be named Archive::Zip::Scalar, but why not contact the author and have him add it to Achive::Zip?

Xmldoom (0.0.9) *

summed up in one word- ICK! poor choice of name, absolutely zero documentation, and from the looks of it bad interface.

Bundle-Modules (2006.0512) *

absolutely useless!

Chart-Clicker (0.9.0) *

stupid name and poor interface

Statistics-Forecast (0.1)

horrible api

Sman (1.00) *

extremely poor name, why couldn't this be Man::Search or Search::Man?

Snail-CSV (0.06) *

waste of a namespace

Geo-Vector (0.42) *

requires perl modules not distributed on CPAN