Reviews by Gabriel Millerd


Games-WoW-Armory (0.0.7) ****

Still works great and what it doesnt have as a method is easily exposed.

Nothing-Tiny (1) *

a waste

XML-RSS (1.31) ****

I use this quite often and its great for mundane rss feeds.

Documentation for doing podcast, torrents style feeds and getting feeds to validate in (or zing i went there) would be awesome.

BitTorrent (V0.1) *


XML-MyXML (0.097)

The comparison between this and XML::LibXML is unfair, mostly to libxml. This is as it says "A simple-to-use XML module, for parsing and creating XML documents", exactly what libxml is not. The module just slurps in the xml file into memory in one line in a useable form and there it is your done. That task given to libxml involves quite a bit more to say the least.

That said it is young, "tidy_xml('cfg.xml',{file=>1});" might be a syntax clarification a first time user would need for example.

Schedule-Load (3.040) *****

This is an amazing product, I am so glade it exists. Its really easy to use and 'just add more' to.

RRD-Simple (1.38) *****

awesome, thanks alot

Module-Pluggable (2.0) ****

This is a really useful package.

as a side note on debian all that is needed to get this working is:
libfile-find-rule-perl & libuniversal-exports-perl.

JavaScript (0.52) ***

Wow, this is really an awesome product. Kudos to you. I hope someday this is expanded

Apache-SMTP (0.01) **

great going, good example