Reviews by Gaurav Vaidya


Test-WWW-Mechanize (1.24) *****

*The* module for all your website-testing needs. It takes a while to get used to the commands (especially if, like me, you used LWP extensively before discovering WWW::Mechanize, which this module derives from), but once you do you get a testing environment perfectly suited for testing websites. A real workhorse.

Perldoc-Server (0.07) ****

This package has been a huge help in writing and correcting our POD documentation for our in-house code. It took me about half an hour to hack this package to read POD files from my code working directory, and it does a brilliant job of cataloging, cross-referencing and displaying all our documentation, making it easy to read and easy to browse. Regenerating updated documentation is as easy as hitting "Refresh" in my browser.

Thanks a lot for sharing a great program!

Net-SSL-ExpireDate (1.06)

A useful and easy-to-use module, thanks for sharing!

Email-Send-SMTP-TLS (0.03) *****

A fine addition to the Email::Send family, allowing you to send e-mails over TLS (currently broken in Email::Send::SMTP). Until Email::Sender gets TLS support, this module does the job perfectly. The codebase is tiny and directly based off Email::Send::SMTP, making it easy to understand and poke around in. Thanks for writing this module!

CAM-PDF (1.52)

It's great for throwing together quick one-liners to summarize a bunch of PDFs.