Reviews by Gavin Henry


perl-ldap (0.65) *****

I love this module. Lets you do anything with OpenLDAP. It's all there. Never let me down.

Catalyst-Runtime (5.90030) *****

<personal>I love catalyst!!! I've not worked so fast or had so much fun in ages and been using it since 2005!!!</personal>

<business>Less code re-write, quicker applications, more clients, happier clients. What more can we say!</business>

Gavin Henry.
Suretec Systems Ltd. and SureVoIP

Class-Base (0.03) *****

Very handy.

Why bother writing your own for everyday stuff?


Any updates soon?


PDF-Reuse (0.32) *****

It's soooooo fast. Love it!!!

IO-Prompt (0.99.2) *****

Does everything you would expect it to do, only better. Now I don't have to use Sysadm::Install to generate quick menu's, I can use IO::Prompt. But that's only the beginning....

Mr Conway is very responsive and friendly regarding any issues related to bugs (and in general ;-) ), as I have found out. Which in fact (my bug), turned out to be a lack of knowledge on my part.

For me, this is why I have given it 5 out of 5. Not only did the author reply promptly (excuse the pun), but was very detailed and helpful.

In a nutshell, you simply can't buy this kind of support, which is just another example of how great the Perl community is and why Perl is such a joy to work with.

Gavin Henry.

Finance-Bank-Natwest (0.05)

Very handy!!!

More security needed though, but maybe just left up to the end user?