Reviews by Frew Schmidt


PostScript-Report (0.04) *****

This is a most excellent module! We have really made good use of it for our reports that we print directly to a printer (hence the use of PostScript.) The source is also excellently factored and a good example of Moose code.

TryCatch (1.001001) *****

Great module for try/catch sugar in perl. I love pairing it with Moose::Util::TypeConstraints to have type based exception handling. Make sure that you have the latest Devel::Declare or you can have some weird issues that won't seem to make any sense.

Exception-Class (1.29) *****

Great module for flexible, user defined exceptions. I haven't used it for catching exceptions (TryCatch) but I am a big fan of using this for my exceptions.

I think that the documentation could use a little love, but that may just be because I'm not used to using this kind of thing. Maybe I'll send Rolsky some patches :-)

CGI-Application (4.31) *****

Great framework for small CGI webpages. Very scaleable; can even work well in a non-persistent environment. I wouldn't recommend it for large projects, but I have worked on a large project that used it and it was mostly fine.

IO-All (0.39) *****

I've only used this module in a few personal projects, but it just simplifies so much; I love it! One of the most convenient IO interfaces I've ever seen.

Acme-EyeDrops (1.55) *****

Works great! Excellent for showing your coworkers what *real* code looks like!

Acme-Terror (0.01) *****

This module works great! I use it on a daily basis! Although, it needs a META.yml because of dependencies (XML::Simple).

Config-JFDI (0.063) *****

This works great for us. It allows us to parse our Catalyst config outside of Catalyst without a significant amount of code.

Religion-Islam-Quran (1.0) *****

I agree with Stevan. We have jokes on the CPAN, why not serious stuff?

MooseX-NonMoose (0.05) *****

Allows easy Moose usage in (surprise!) non-Moose classes. I would hope that any perl developers doing even a small amount of OO with older code are using this.

DBIx-Class-EncodedColumn (0.00002) *****

This class makes it really easy to encode columns (mostly for password storage) automatically and flexibly. It's really easy to use different kinds of encodings and it's just as easy to add more. Great!

Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication (0.10013) *****

Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication does all the work we need it to do to securely, and cleanly, authenticate our users. The docs are great and there are lots of plugins out there that will help you do whatever you need to do.

Scalar-List-Utils (1.21) *****

Great module! I use reduce, first, min and max fairly regularly. Saves keystrokes and computing time.

Keep in mind that these don't work in a given/when block in perl 5.10 due to an issue with the impl of given/when.

CLASS (1.00) *****

Super basic, almost purely aesthetic. Still great. I use this in all of my projects.

Method-Signatures-Simple (0.03) *****

Super simple. Works well.

The following does what you'd expect.

method foo($bar) {


DBIx-Class (0.08108) *****

I am a big fan of ORM's in general and this one is is my favorite of the bunch. I especially like the fact that you can chain queries without hitting the DB too often. (Example: $rs->search({ name => 'frew' })->search({ job => 'Programmer' })->update({ name => 'Frew' });