Reviews by Robert Norris


Text-Unidecode (0.04) *****

Just perfect - Does one job and does it well. It took me about thirty minutes after receiving a problem report from a customer to find this package, install it, integrate it into our code and get it out into production.

Plack-App-Apache-ActionWrapper (0.02) *****

Shared hosting sucks, but if you have no choice then this module is perfect. Took me seconds to install and copy the code from the synopsis into place. It just worked and now my Moose-based PSGI app responds quickly!

Gtk2-Notify (0.04) ****

Gtk2::Notify does what I want - gives me popup text to let me know when stuff happens. I use it in a music player and in a little executable wrapper that informs me when a task is done. At one line of code per popup, its hard to beat.

The docs and interface are automatically generated, so they aren't fantastic by any means. Since the API is an exact match with the GTK+ API however, there's plenty of examples out there on the web.

At the end of the day, it does the job without being a complete pain, so its recommended.