Reviews by Florent Angly


App-pmuninstall (0.28) *****

Handy tool that does the job!

IPC-Run (0.90) ****

Very powerful module, once you go through the documentation and understand how it works.

Perl-Tidy (20101217) *****

I had some POD code that other parsers have a hard time processing correctly. With the formatter feature, I was able to parse and process this POD as needed. Very handy!

Getopt-Declare (1.12)

It is in fact strict-friendly (see for details).

Bio-Phylo (0.21) *****

I have been happily using this module for the last year. It allows me to read Newick tree files and draw pretty SVG trees that have a large number of branches (>1,000). It is quite excellent to have SVG output since it allows to easily customize the tree or plot additional information on top of it.
The author is very responsive and open to suggestions, so that's a plus!