Reviews by Ran Eilam


Devel-ArgNames (0.03) *****

I had to fix some horrible code. It was inserting into the database a huge blob of variables into one big row. It looked like:


$user, $name, $phone, $os, $version, $bitrate, ...

36 of these variables were counted between the parentheses. Before refactoring, I wanted to see the values it was inserting on the screen. So I started:

print "user: $user, name: $name..."

Which is no fun.

Luckily I recalled a module Yuval wrote during a lightning talk at a Perl workshop. showed my exact problem in the 3rd <code> block in the POD.

Replacing bind_to_insert above with the my_print_args from the docs did exactly what I wanted. Delicious.

Note this is not a case of a self praising author. I am on AUTHORS, but wrote not nothingmuch, but nothing at all of it. I think I am on AUTHORS because I sat next to him at the workshop.