Reviews by Drew Taylor


MooseX-AttributeHelpers (0.17) *****

If you're using Moose you owe it to yourself to take a look at MooseX::AttributeHelpers. It will further reduce the amount of you write, and gives you a pony! The documentation is a bit scattered, but good enough.

RTx-EmailCompletion (0.06) ****

Brilliant module. It just worked!

CPAN-SQLite (0.18) ****

I haven't played with the functionality yet, but with CPAN::SQLite installed and active memory usage for the CPAN shell went from 63MB to 10MB. Worth installing just for that! This would be particularly useful for shared hosting accounts with more stringent memory limits.

Jemplate (0.18) *****

This simply rocks! I get the ease of HTML development with TT, and the ability to use it within my JS objects. How does it get any better?