Reviews by Joe Higton


Data-Processor (0.4.3) ****

Really useful tool for validating a deep data structure.

Exporter-Easy (0.18) *****

Makes exporting far nicer, easier and cleaner.

Devel-NYTProf (6.04) *****

Amazingly useful. The new (to me) flame graph feature really makes finding performance pain points a doddle!

CryptX (0.048) *****

Works well and actively maintained.

JavaScript (1.16) ***

This is an excellent module. However it's currently suffering from a slight case of abandonment and is hard to install in up-to-date distributions. Hoping it gets some love soon because essentially when built with older versions of the mozilla javascript library (and when it was used to be available in a Debian package) it was a very useful and reliable module.

Nowadays I'd recommend transitioning to Javascript::V8 instead though.

But if you want to build it, see this:

Geo-UK-Postcode (0.008) *****

Simple, yet comprehensive! Very useful.

IO-Prompt (0.997002) ****

Excellent module. Makes writing quick command line utilities with prompts and validation a breeze.

Starman (0.2007) *****

No nonsense, does the job. Great software.

Oh and Miyagawa, stop worrying about your excellent module names, I prefer Starman to ThhinG::That::Does::Something::Useful any say of the week.

HTTP-BrowserDetect (0.99) ***

Good module for tidying up the business of user-agent parsing.

However.. It currently seems to have been abandoned and so hasn't kept pace with the modern browser situation. There *are* lots of helpful patches in RT though, this could probably do with a fork!

HTML-Seamstress (5.0b) *****

Using HTML::TreeBuilder is an excellent way to manage HTML. HTML::Seamstress makes this even more powerful with lots of extra functionality to allow you to re-write your HTML templates.

A far more pure way of achieving separation between your HTML and functional code, and allows you to avoid the hell of mini-languages.