Reviews by Mike Doherty


Regexp-Debugger (0.001005) *****

Regexp::Debugger does a great job of illustrating how the regex engine actually does matching. It can help visualize the execution, helping programmers see and fix inefficiencies. For programmers new to regex, it's a great learning tool too.

Hundreds of kudos to Damian!

Daemon-Control (0.000005) ****

Makes it ridiculously easy to make init scripts - that's all there is to it.

Test-Mock-LWP-Dispatch (0.02) ****

This is a much nicer alternative to Test::Mock::LWP, but the mock object exported by default doesn't pass the isa test. Instead, you need to create your own object - I've explained more fully at, and submitted a patch that should fix this issue.

Test-Mock-LWP (0.06) **

The mocked object doesn't pass the isa test, requiring workarounds when an "isa => 'LWP::UserAgent" constraint in place. See my post on mocking LWP::UserAgent:

As well, The interface is... clunky, compared to Test::Mock::LWP::Dispatch.

MediaWiki-API (0.35) ****

MediaWiki::API provides convenience methods for accessing the modern MediaWiki API at a low level. This is incredibly useful, but lacks the high-level abstraction necessary to maximize programmer productivity. It is used internally in MediaWiki::Bot, which provides much of that higher level of abstraction.

File-Slurp (9999.14) *****

The newly-released version has fixes for the huge bug mentioned above: it works with :encoding by passing it off to binmode. Huzzah, File::Slurp is finally worth using! Many thanks to the new maintainer Uri Guttman for picking through the patches on RT and rolling them into the latest release. I hear good things for the future too!

WWW-Shorten-Simple (0.01) *****

This is a great module which provides the object-oriented interface WWW::Shorten dearly needs.