Reviews by Dominique Dumont


Software-License-OrLaterPack (0.003)

For the record, I've implemented a similar feature for Debian by adding a summary and a "or_later" option to all GPL classes. See and

Unfortunately, I did not think it could be useful outside of Debian, so I did not create a new distribution (or proposed a patch to RJBS).

App-Cmd (0.323) ****

App-Cmd is a great module to define a good structure of your set of commands. Options, documentation and functionality are neatly packed together.

The only hitch is that options are bundled by default (i.e. -xy is options -x and -y, -foo is not understood as --foo). This default
behavior does not match Getopt::Long behavior.

The non bundled option can be setup by adding

{ getopt_conf => [ qw/no_bundling/ ] }
to the option specification in opt_spec sub.

App-MultiSsh (0.01)

Looks like clusterssh performs a similar task.

What are the advantages of App::MultySsh compared to clusterssh ?

All the best