Reviews by dietbuddha


XML-LibXML (1.69) ****

One of the better built modules out there.

While the call back interface takes a little getting use to, you gain a greater flexibility and power because of it.

It is somewhat misleading in that this library does a great job of parsing HTML as well as XML. This is what we use at my work for all HTML unit tests because of it's speed and and ease of use.

Template-Toolkit (2.20) *

Using Template Toolkit 2.19 on CentOS. I don't know if this is the package provided by CentOS, or the library itself.

I have issues with the fact that there isn't good error handling for cases where the attributes don't exist on a hash.

Numerous builtin methods simply don't work, while other inexplicably do. ie. first works, last does not.

It does have a good plugin architecture, and numerous helpful tool, filters, etc. Unfortunetly this does not make up for misleading documentation, and noticable lack on error handling in numerous cases.

For me and the people I work with TT has been an exercise in frustration and lost productivity. If we hand't inherited it along with a large number of templates, I would have long ago ripped it out and replaced with something else.

Test-MockObject (1.08) ****

This is a good idea and a good implentation with a few exceptions. This module is easy to use and good documentation.


I cannot mock out methods that conflict with real Test::MockObject methods such as remove, mock, set_true, set_false, etc.

There is no next_call like method for class methods.