Reviews by Dana M. Diederich


IO-Barf (0.07) *****

File::Slurp is good, and I use it frequently. However, this module is substantially faster, which makes it valuable for some use cases.

NanoMsg-Raw (0.02) ****

Florian, this is very exciting. I did some extensive performance and safety tests and it passed with flying colours.

Thanks to you and to Martin Sustrik!

Pinto (0.091) *****

Excellent work; this is simplifying and improving my operational Perl management processes.

Your talk at SVPerl was also excellent; thanks!

JIRA-Client-Automated (1.01)

Michael, looking forward to giving this some heavy use. Thank you so much for making this!

App-cpanminus (0.09) *****

This is a vote of general support and enthusiasm. It requires bravery to re-implement the functionality of a sacred cow. 'cpan' and its neighbors has been and will continue to be a fabulous software, responsible for a lot of Perl's success over the years.

But sometimes it's good to have a simplistic, very functional and interesting youngster about to shake things up.

Thanks Tatsuhiko for this and the other 192 modules you have put on CPAN!