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HTML-Parser (3.30) *****

A CPAN standard.

SPOPS (0.78) **

There's lots of documentation but it is not as good as it seems - a lot of the basics are hidden and there's nowhere which explains the concepts well. There are problems with record caching which means that it is easy to accidentally overwrite your own changes; and the interface forces you to choose between editing object properties direct, or having undefined method calls interpreted as property get/setters, with unfortunate results for speed of debugging. I'd suggest trying one of the alternatives (Class::DBI, Alzabo, Tangram etc.)

WWW-Search (2.42) *****

Great way to implement a search bot in Perl. Straightforward, just works, well documented and generally a good thing.

DBI (1.37) *****

This gets fives because it is the classic way to connect to any database. You might want to look at Class::DBI for something easier.