Reviews by Danny Sadinoff


Paws (0.31) *****

An ambitious project, with clean results so far.
Instance roles just work. Sane internal representations. Great stuff.

YAML-Syck (1.20) ***

Mostly works, until it doesn't.
This module has been obsolesced by the far less buggy YAML::XS. Go with that.

makepp (1.50-101117) *****

An extensible drop-in replacement for Make, which addresses its silly no-colons-in-filenames issue.


Make (1.00) ****

Has the nice property that (for relatively simple makefiles) it solves the colon issue: you can have colons in your filenames!

Getopt-Declare (1.12) ***

This distribution works as advertised, but it gets two stars off for being "use strict" -hostile.

Apache-AuthCookie (3.12) ****

This is a fine module, although an improvement I'd love to see would be an example where the initial authentication can occur outside the webserver process, via cgi or whatever, and leaving the session key verification to the in-process code.