Reviews by Damien Krotkine


Riak-Light (0.056) *****

light, fast, easy to use, and flexible timeout. great !

Vroom (0.25) *****

I needed to do a presentation with a lot of slides, quickly. Vroom does exactly what it claims, and does it very well. It could be improved, but it's so great already ! The best thing about is is that it's very fast to write slides, you basically have to write a draft of our presentation and it's done. Definitely a great presentation module.

It could be improved a bit by having more connection with the outside, and more transition animations

Dancer (1.1811) *****

Got my webservice up and running in 1 day with no knowledge about Dancer whatsover. Documentation contains very minor mistakes, but that's all.

Dancer is excellent for middle size websites or web services. It doesn't get in your way, and supports a hell lot of backend for deploying and running your application.

The transition from developping a prototype to having a production ready app is very smooth.