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Docs-US_DOD-STD2167A (0.05) *

This is a doc-only package, which repackages some DOD-standards. The reason why this is on CPAN still escapes me, and the author did not put in the work to make the documentation complete, as there are stub documents in the distribution on which he does not expect to work "in the near or far future".

The rating on "documentation" and "ease of use" is 1, as there is no "human readable" documentation or README in the distribution that tells me in two short sentences why I might be interested in this package. And a package that consists only of documentation should tell me why I would want to read it.

There is no rating on "interface", as there is no code.

Overall, I give it a 1, as I don't understand why this is released on CPAN at all.

CGI-Wiki (0.46) ****

This is a very good framework for building Wikis. It is database oriented in the sense that the included backends all rely on DBI to handle the storage, so there is no flat file thing.

There is no ready-to-run Wiki.cgi included (which is what I tried to overcome with CGI::Wiki::Simple), but writing your own Wiki is a breeze with this toolkit.

xsub (1.0) *

Even though I'm chiming in with the rest - "if the author did not care to even add some simple documentation, what support can you expect otherwise?"

A module without even a tagline, a lowercase toplevel name - this is bad form.

release (0.23) *****

This is my way of releasing stuff for CPAN and keeping a semblance of organization in my cvs. release makes it all into one easy step, as everything is set up once for every module. It checks that your tests pass, your distribution is complete, your cvs is up to date. What would I want more?

Oh yes - it dosen't send mail yet....