Reviews by Joerg Meltzer


Term-Shell-Enhanced (0.03) *****

Term::Shell::Enhanced (T::S::E) lets you write commandline shell frameworks.
Term::Shell (T::S) is great, yet T::S::E tops it and adds more convenience features.
Compared to T::S it feels more like a real shell (builtin cd, pwd, echo, control of environment variables, history files).

Because of its features, T::S::E requires quite a lot modules. If this is an issue stick to T::S.

Whenever I have complex applications to maintain, I write a T::S::E shell.

Net-OpenSSH (0.36) *****

Great Module, much better than Net::SSH::* family.
Interacts with Net::SFTP::Foreign.

Be sure to read Net::OpenSSH Vs Net::SSH::.* modules section in perldoc Net::OpenSSH.

autodie (2.06) ****

A great extension of For private stuff I use it very frequently. I wish it would be part of the core modules.

At work all our redhat machines use cpan2rpm'ized packages. Unfortunately autodie overwrites instead of making a fork, so I can't install it because it conflicts with the system perl. A patch is underway.

ToolSet (1.00) *****

A quick glimpse into SYNOPSIS was all I needed for a ToolSet for Oneliners. I always wanted to load List::Util and friends without any fuzz.

# just rocks
perl -My -e 'say sum 1..10'

Above described is now available on CPAN in the distribution ToolSet::y