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ZooZv (ZooZv1.0-RC1) *

This the first module I've ever seen with absolutely no documentation. No README. No POD. No link to a web site. Nada. No description shows up in the use.perl notice, but that may just be due to the previous lack of documentation. So in essence, grrr. How much trouble would a README have been? Easier than uploading it to CPAN!?! I think so.

Games-Nintendo-Mario (0.10) *****

This is absolutely hilarious and it works too! The POD explains things well. I'd suggest calling it Acme::Mario, but some obviously take their Mario far more seriously. Fun fun.

Storable (2.09) *****

I used to be quite happy using Data::Dumper to spit out a perl data structure into a file and then require it back in. After a while I found this blew up on big multi-level hashes and the performance was truly horrifying. A little bit of searching let to Storable. Thank goodness. It reads and writes mammoth structures in a flash and the interface is spiffy clean. Now almost every non-trivial site I've written has used Storable to import data painlessly.

AppConfig (1.55) *****

AppConfig is a wonderful way to combine config-file reading and command line parsing into one sane consistant system. We use it on almost every project.

SuperPython (0.91) *****

I'm sorry some people don't get the joke. Reading the source and the example .spy files helps put it all into perspective. Go Damian.