Reviews by Bernhard Wagner


File-LibMagic (0.96)

It would save everyone a lot of time if the patches provided by the Debian Perl Group were applied. Particularly the one by gregor herrmann

HTTP-Recorder (0.05)

Many people are suffering from this error generated by HTTP-Recorder:

Can't locate object method "query_param" via package ...

This solution worked for me:

I'm quoting it here for your convenience:

A google search returned several complaints about the error "Can't
locate object method "query_param"". Thanks to a tip from Praveen
Hombaiah (
February/000077.html), I diffed the subroutine causing my complaints
from HTTP-Recorder version 0.05 with the one in HTTP-Recorder version
0.03_03 (

If you edit your version of /lib/HTTP/ and comment out the
"for ... $content->query_param" section and paste in Leira's original
content, then your proxy script should work.

sub unmodify {
my $self = shift;
my $content = shift;

return $content unless $content;

# get rid of the arguments we added
my $prefix = $self->{prefix};

#for my $key ($content->query_param) {
#if ($key =~ /^$prefix-/) {
# $content->query_param_delete($key);

$content =~ s/$prefix-(.*?)\?(.*?)&//g;
$content =~ s/$prefix-(.*?)&//g;
$content =~ s/$prefix-(.*?)$//g;
$content =~ s/&$//g;
$content =~ s/\?$//g;
return $content;


Module-Install (0.68)

Just a comment to Ivan Tubert's post: The Article by Brian Ingerson in TPJ is available online here: