Reviews by Aran Deltac


DBD-AnyData (0.110) *****

Not sure why people are posting bug reports as 1-start reviews. I have no experience using this module, but posting a 5-start review to hopefully counter-balance the others.

All software has bugs guys. How about making a ticket, and even fixing it yourself, rather than posting a review that doesn't actually reflect the quality of this module!

Devel-FindRef (1.422) *****

This module works very very well and helped me track down a very difficult to find circular reference in some code that I previously over-engineered. O_o

To the person who wrote the negative review about this module because he doesn't like the author - lay off it dude. Its a good module, don't pollute reviews with politics.

POOF (1.4) **

This is a decent module. Not very flexible. Nowadays with Moose these kind of libraries don't really have a use (search for Moose on CPAN).

Acme-ComeFrom (0.07) *****

Better than sliced gravy!